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最後更新 : 04/07

The Division of Thoracic Surgery serves patients with diseases arising in the chest, including the lungs, mediastinum, and esophagus. Our division is comprised of well-trained experts including general thoracic surgeons, thoracic oncologists, and pulmonologists. Advanced techniques used for diagnosis and treatment include flexible and rigid bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, and mediastinoscopy. Yuan’s General Hospital was the first regional teaching hospital in the nation to introduce thorascopic procedures in March, 1987. Disorders treated include: 1. Esophageal diseases, such as esophageal malignancies, benign tumors, esophageal ulcers, and esophageal strictures; 2. Bronchio-tracheal diseases; 3. Thymic disorders; 4. Lung disorders, such as lung tumor resections, thorascopic biopsies, and pneumohemothorax; 5. Mediastinal disorders; 6. Thorascopic sympathectomies; and 7. Pulmonary arteriography and embolectomy.