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Preventive Health Center

  1. Introduction:

  • The goal of the Preventive Medicine Center is to prevent and detect early development of diseases. Our experienced multi-disciplinary teams of medical and nursing staff use advanced medical technologies in the hospital to provide standard health examination and labor health examination (many physical examination plans available) in bright, discrete and comfortable settings. Our qualified physicians explain all medical findings and answer questions to patients.
  1. Making the appointments: Click Here

  • For the person who wants to make the appointments of health check program, please select the type of the health check program, the examination date and the contact information. The personal information will be used by the healthcare center only. The center will confirm the appointment and the examination day in 24 hours.
  • Please make the appointment 7 days before examination date, so the healthcare center will have the enough time to organize the procedure of the examination.
  • If you need to cancer the appointment or change the examination date, please remember to contact the healthcare center 3 days ago.
  1. Services:


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