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最後更新 : 06/20

Superintendent's Welcome

Messages from Superintendent Dr. Ker

Since 1998, I had been a Vice-Superintendent of Yuan’s General Hospital (YGH) for eight years. It was a striking point for me to enroll the hospital administration in a medical center hospital (Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, KMUH) for another five years since 2006. In 2007, YGH had been a non-profit medical organization and CEO of YGH decided to recruit me to be a Superintendent in August 2011.

A general concept of hospital management is that we will try to achieve the high quality of health-care ability in our YGH like a medical center hospital. Concerning the professional ability of our staffs will be stronger in our professional fields such as Digestive Disease Center in our hospital. For example, the clinical application of endoscopic ultrasound examination and to take a biopsy for pancreatic tumor patient was earlier started for more than 10 years. In addition, modern scientific instruments were included in our hospital such as we purchased a very high speed and valuable Diamond CT750 which is the first one in 2011 in Taiwan. We try to let our patients have early diagnosis and early treatment through the high level of medical equipments in YGH.

Concerning the hospital management, it is very important to provide a safe hospital environment for our patients. In addition to the leading medical equipments in our hospital, developments of personnel were an important issue. I try to encourage our colleagues to improved their professionalism and then be a happiness and healthy employee. In order to achieve the e-Hospital, we also have to complete the management of medical materials, pharmacy and informatics through IT platforms in our hospital.   
It is clear that the expansion of development of YGH will depend on the tendency of human diseases patterns. We will continue to establish and intergrade our health-care system based on the patient-center in medical fields such as Digestive Disease Center, Cancer Center, Cardio-Vascular Center, Stroke-Care Center, Emergency and Intensive Care Center, Diabetic-Care Center, Renal Disease Care Center and Community Health-Care Center. These centers will provide the purposes of clinical service, education and research as well.    

In order to achieve the mission of our CEO, we have to continue efforts to maintain the longevity of enterprises forever and feedback to our society always. YGH health-care system will be established and based on the patient-center and high technique. The most important is that we will let our patients to have a warm and different feeling when they visit our YGH Health-care System.

Good Luck and Happiness

          Chen-Guo Ker, MD., M.Ph.D, FACS.

            Superintendent and Professor of Surgery

            Yuan’s General Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
            May 2012