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Patient Rights & Privacy Protection GO TOP
  1. We treat all patients uniformly and prohibit discrimination care on the basis of race, age, payment status, etc.

  2. Staff members are required to display their identification badges. You may refuse services from staff without identification badges.

  3. Physicians must clearly explain your diagnosis, medical examination, relevant medical information, treatment plan, and prognosis to you and your family.

  4. If you have any concerns or uncertainty about services from medical staff, you have the right to enquire and demand explanations.

  5. Before any surgery or invasive procedure, the medical staff will explain to you the reason for the recommended procedure, its success rate, possible risks and complications and any other relevant information. We will ask you or your family to sign the consent for surgery, anesthesia, and/or other invasive procedures before starting treatment, except in cases of medical emergency when life-saving procedures are required to be performed according to the Medical Law.

  6. We are obligated by law to maintain the confidentiality of your health information and medical records. If you do not wish to release hospitalization information to visitors, please inform the medical staff.

Admissions Procedures GO TOP
  1. Clinical referral patients:

    Proceed to Admissions counters in the Building C lobby with your Doctor’s Note recommending hospitalization.

    Emergency room referral patients: Proceed to the ER counter in the Building A lobby with your Doctor’s Note.

  2. Complete Application for Inpatient Stay.

  3. Required Documents for Hospitalization.

  4. Patients insured by National Health Insurance (NHI) should present NHI cards and National ID cards (or Household Registrations); Foreigners should present passports. Patients in categories of Catastrophic Illness, Occupational Injury, Veterans, or Benefits Insurance and other special programs should present supportive documents at time of admissions for discounts.

  5. Your NHI card will be held on file during your hospitalization and shall be returned upon discharge.

  6. Incomplete documentation at admission may result in initial assignment of self-pay status. Patients can change to NHI status upon submission of appropriate documentation within 3 (three) working days.


    Admissions Hours and Locations
    Days Hours Locations
    Monday through Friday 08:00-17:00 Admissions Counter Building C Lobby
    Saturday 08:00-12:00 Admissions Counter Building C Lobby
    ER/After hours 24 hours ER Counter Building A Lobby
Rules on Wards GO TOP
  1. For your protection during hospitalization, we will provide you ID wristband to wear on. Please do not remove for accurate identification. Medical & nursing staff will ask for your relevant identifying information before each medical procedure. Please confirm with medical personnel to ensure proper care.
  2. Please do not arbitrarily move to different ward beds. You may request a change for a nominal NT$200 fee. (Fee subject to change.)
  3. Please prepare and bring your own toiletries and personal hygiene necessities.
  4. We advise you not to bring valuables (e.g. cash, jewelries, etc.) to your ward to prevent possible thefts or losses. If you observe suspicious activities or persons, please immediately inform the nursing staff. By working together we can prevent thefts.
  5. For the safety of other patients, all electrical appliances, except medical equipment, are prohibited in all wards.
  6. Should you leave your hospitalization for any reason, please obtain your doctor’s agreement, complete a Leave of Absence form, and return at the designated time. In accordance with National Health Insurance (NHI) policy, a leave of absence should not exceed 4 hours; NHI policy also prohibits outside overnight stays during hospitalization. If you do not return after 24 hours, we will process your automatic discharge from the hospital and reassign your bed. We are not responsible for any personal items left behind, or any injuries you suffer off-hospital premises due to your departure. All hospital charges will be collectible to the fullest extent of the law.
  7. For public health and safety, smoking, excessive noise, alcoholic beverages and betel nuts chewing are prohibited on all clinical wards.
  8. Please do not bring pets to the hospital to prevent spreading contagious diseases and to maintain a quiet environment.
  9. The hospital prohibits any dangerous items and illegal contrabands on the premises. Violation may result in automatic discharge and reporting to the law enforcement.
  10. We reserve the right to discharge patients who fail to observe rules on wards and treatment instructions from medical staff.
  11. Please address your concerns and questions to our nursing staff during your stay for prompt attention.
A Guide for Families and Visitors GO TOP 
  1. For the hospital safety and to maintain a quality patient care environment, no visitors are permitted from 10 P.M. to 5 A.M. of the following day. The Main Information Desk will remind visitors to start their departures by broadcasting a "Good-night" song at 9:30 P.M. Wards may permit one family member per patient to stay overnight. Families of patients in critical conditions may be exempt from the posted visiting hours and should check in at the Security Desk. Please observe the following visiting hours for special wards.
Wards Morning Afternoon Evening
ICUs 11:00~11:30 16:30~17:00  
Baby Rooms 10:30~11:30 15:30~16:30 19:00-20:00
Pediatrics Wards 10:30~11:00   19:30~20:00
  1. Families and visitors must wear Companion’s and Visitor’s Passes respectively. All passes must be returned upon discharge.
  2. Visitors who have any signs of fever and cough must wear masks.
  3. Please wash your hands before and after the hospital visiting.
  4. To avoid illness, please avoid bringing children to the hospital.
  5. Visitors to the ICUs are limited to two at a time. More visitors are advised to take turns.
  6. Visitors should wear medical gowns in the ICUs. Please return gowns to their original locations after visits.
  7. Please wash your hands before entering the ICUs. Visitors with upper respiratory tract infections or other contagious diseases are not permitted in the ICUs to avoid spreading infection.
  8. Please maintain a quiet environment in ICUs and turn off mobile phones and paging devices. For the safety of patients, please do not touch any medical equipment at the facility.
  9. Should there be any medical emergencies and other special occurrences, ICU visiting hours may be deferred. We thank your understanding in advance.
Nutrition & Meal Services GO TOP
  1. Our professional dieticians of the Nutrition Department design all meal plans for patients according to individual needs.
  2. Nutrition Department serves general meal plans (Plans A & B), treatment meal plans, or tube-feeding plans at the choice of patient and family. Please order meal plans at our nursing stations.
  3. All meal plans require self payment, except NHI-paid nasogastric tube-feeding. Meal plan charges are based on total number of meals ordered and will accumulate from the first order. (Rates subject to change according to the current hospita's policy.)

Meal Plans


General Meal


Treatment Meal



NHI Paid

  1. Order time: Breakfast, before 6:30 A.M.; Lunch, before 10:30 A.M.; Dinner, before 4:30 P.M.
  2. Meal delivery: Breakfast, 7:00-7:30 A.M.; Lunch, 11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.; Dinner, 5:00 P.M.-5:30 P.M.
  3. Please discard your meal box and its food waste into appropriate recycle bins.
  4. For health reasons, we kindly remind you NOT to consume any overnight meals. Should you have further concerns, please consult our nursing staff or call the Nutrition Department at (07) 333-1121 ext. 2316 or 2242.
Ward Billing References GO TOP
  1. National Health Insurance (NHI) improvises general ward beds without extra charges. Single or double-occupancy rooms require a co-payment of rate differences according to the following fee schedule.

Upgrade Types

Rate Differences


NT$ 2,800 /Days


NT$ 1,500 /Days

(Rates of differences subject to change according to the current hospital's policy.)

  1. At any time, if you wish to move to a different type of room, please inform the nursing station. The hospital will accommodate your wishes accordingly depending on availability.
  2. NHI regulations require patients with acute care diseases to make additional co-payments for the hospitalization as follows.

Inpatient Days


Ratio Co-payments


30 days and under

10 %

NT$ 28,000

31 to 60 days

20 %

No Maximum

61 days and over

30 %

No Maximum

(Rates subject to change according to current posted NHI rates.)

  1. Hospital bills are due after invoices are received. Please make payments upon receipt of the Hospital Invoice at the Cashier located in the Building C lobby within 2 (two) working days. Before leaving the cashier, please check your receipt for any discrepancies in the name and amount printed, and keep your receipt for the record.
  2. In accordance with the NHI policy, patients may not be evaluated at any outpatient clinics of other NHI-appointed providers during their hospitalization here.

Social Work Services GO TOP
  1. Social Work Services:

    Social Work Office addresses the following issues:

    -Caring concerns

    -Inpatient stay issues

    -Emotional distress

    -Financial hardship

    -Discharge questions

    -Social resources referrals

    -Social benefits services inquiry

    -Patient-hospital Relations

  2. Office Hours:

    Monday through Friday: 8:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. and 1:30 P.M.-5:30 P.M.

    Saturday: 8:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

  3. Service line:(07) 335-1121 ext. 2235
Discharge Procedures GO TOP
  1. When the medical staff determines that you no longer need to be hospitalized, we will notify you for discharge from the hospital. Should you choose to continue your stay, NHI will cease to cover the costs. It will be your sole responsibility to pay the uncovered portion of your hospital bill.

  2. Should you wish to leave against medical advice, we will ask you to sign "Discharge on Voluntary" before you engage in the discharge.

  3. Our administrative staff will provide billing and payment information, and return your NHI IC card. Please make payments at the General Counters in the Building C lobby. In addition, please return the companion pass and obtain your NT$50 refund before departure.

  4. Please fill your medication prescriptions at the Pharmacy in the Building C lobby. Pharmacy personnel will instruct you on proper use of the medication.

  5. Before your departure, the medical staff will give detailed instructions on self-care, precautions, follow-up clinic appointments, transfer and other related information.

Discharge Hours and Locations
Days Hours Locations
Monday through Friday 08:00-17:00 General Counters Building C Lobby
Saturday 08:00-12:00 General Counters Building C Lobby
ER/After hours 24 hours ER Counter Building A Lobby