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Medical Treatments

Medical Treatments | Service Volume

Medical Treatments

1. Cardiovascular treatment

Our cardiac specialists provide coronary artery bypass, cardiac valve repair and replacement, angioplasty and vascular stenting, and aneurysm treatment. Our coronary artery stenting has a success rate of 90% with complications less than 5%*.

2. Fertility Center

The team provides infertility exams and treatment, assisted reproductive technologies, IVF (test-tube babies), and preimplantation genetic diagnosis; Our IVF success rate is 5%* more than that of published in North America.

3. Artificial Joint Replacement

With minimally invasive operation on joint replacement, the recovery time is significantly shortened with the success rate reported at 96%*.

4. Digestive Disease treatment

Cross-departmental medical specialists team up in treating diseases of liver, digestive tracts, and gall bladder. The team is fame of treating liver cancer (15 surgical cases of liver cancer using lapascopy monthly*).

5. Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy integrates diagnostic PET-CT (we made our radioactive imaging contrast to ensure freshness) and MRI with Linear Accelerators. Our TomoTherapy delivers a dynamic conformal radiotherapy.

6. Cosmetic Medicine

The center plastic surgeons, equipped with latest cosmetic medicine technology, routinely receive an average of 1543 patients and 1042 laser cases annually*. The center offers price-competitive integrated packages with comprehensive health examinations, with prices much lower than that of North America, Europe, and Asia.

*Data compiled from the actual cases at YGH.

7.High-Tech Whole-Body Health Examination
Cancer ,Brain Vascular Diseases, Heart and Vascular Diseases –Three Most Commonly Seen– The Combo Package