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1946 Founder Dr.Yuan Chao-Ying establishes "Yuan's Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic".

1969 Phase One Expansion started.
1970 Phase One Expansion completed in November by adding a new five-story hospital building with 60 beds next to the original clinic site.Facility was renamed "Yuan's Internal Medicine and Surgical Hospital."

First Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with 4 beds established in southern Taiwan.

First installation of a remotely controlled and monitored Toshiba DT-AE model X-ray machine in southern Taiwan.

1975 Department of Nursing established.
1976 Performed the first successful case of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in southern Taiwan.
1977 First to introduce ultrasonography to southern Taiwan from Japan
























1978 Phase Two Expansion started.

Hemodialysis facility established.

1979 Phase Two Expansion was completed--the original site of clinic was replaced with a ten-story hospital building, increasing to a total of 160 ward beds and 9 ICU beds. The medical establishment is now registered as "Yuan's General Hospital."

Established the Divisions of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics and Radiology.

Established Medical Records

1980 Achieved accreditation status as a "Teaching Hospital" by the Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation (TJCHA).

First to install a whole-body computed tomographic scanner in southern Taiwan.

1981 Accepted application for a "Level Three Teaching Hospital" by TJCHA.

Opened Medical Library on March 16.

Established Biomedical Engineering Office

1983 Achieved accreditation status as a "Level Three Teaching Hospital" by TJCHA.

Established Division of Orthopedics in January.

Established Division of Pediatrics in June.

Dr. Yuan Chao-Ying, founder of Yuan’s General Hospital, passes away on September 15.

1984 Re-accredited "Level Three Teaching Hospital" status by TJCHA.

Established a team of Infectious Disease Control in March.

Established Social Work Office in August.

Established educational collaboration with the Department of Neurosurgery at Keio University in Japan. Professors from Keio University delivered lectures and signed a collaboration contract.

1986 Taiwan's first hospital to install the Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) imported from Japan.

Phase Three Expansion began in October.

1987 Established the Division of Dermatology.
1988 Achieved accreditation status as a "Level Two Regional Teaching Hospital" by TJCHA.

Phase Three Expansion at Sihwei 4th Rd. was completed on January 9. The new hospital building includes an Emergency Room and Radiology on the ground floor; seven operating rooms on the 2nd floor; clinical wards on the 4th to 9th floors; medical library, auditorium and two classrooms on the 10th floor. Total expansion has reckoned 360 beds.

1989 Established Division of Pathology in February.

Established Division of Otolaryngology in August.

Established Division of Anesthesiology in December.

1992 Established Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in July.
1993 Established Division of Gastroenterology.

Established Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in August.

1994 Established Division of Psychiatry in January.
1996 Established Management of Planning and Coordinating Center in July.
1997 Established Reproductive Medicine Center and Cosmetic Surgery Center in March.

Opened 35-bed Shang Shun Dialysis Center in March.

1998 Operated a 15-bed dialysis center in Lin Ji Shih General Hospital.

Appointed administrator by Taiwan's Bureau of National Health Insurance for Peng-Hu Islands IDS (Integrated Delivery System) Health Plan in November.















1999 Phase Four Expansion began.
2000 Appointed administrator for Kaohsiung Municipal Ci Jin
2001 Established Wensin Dentistry in June.

Administrator contract renewed for Peng-Hu Islands IDS Health Plan in July.

Operated a 15-bed dialysis center in Show Chwan Memorial Hospital-Kaohsiung County Gang Shan Hospital in July.

Established Division of Emergency Medicine in August.

2002 Accredited status as a "Regional Teaching Hospital" by TJCHA.

Phase Four Expansion was completed in April with a twelve-story medical building, now giving a total of 644 beds.

Demolished old Outpatient Clinics at Chenggong Rd and expanded it into Emergency Services.

Established Respiratory Care Center and Coronary Angiography Suite.

Installed automated biochemical analyzer.

Added 19 more beds for hemodialysis, 24 more beds for Respiratory Care Center, and 8 more beds in surgical recovery, all in July.

2003 Established 10 negative-pressure isolation rooms giving a new total of 654 beds in July.

Established Division of Infectious Diseases.

Established Incontinence Center in September.

2004 Established Divisions of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology in February.

Install automated high-throughput fluorescence detector for screening Mycobacterium tuberculosis in February.

Installed Taiwan's first 64-slice Somatom Sensation Helical CT Scanner in July.

2005 Expanded to a 25-bed dial